Terms and conditions

By placing an order you agree to the terms and conditions. Please read them carefully.

Booking and payment period

1.  To reserve a tour, the Client must fill out an online form for the specified  tour on our website and make an advance payment of 30% of the cost of the service , no later than 60 days before the start of the service. After which the Client will receive a confirmation of their reservation. RIDE UA reserves the right to refuse service if full payment for the tour is not made within 30 days from  the start of the tour.

2.  In case of unforeseen circumstances that may affect the tour (road works, hotel interruptions, unfavorable weather conditions, etc.), RIDE UA has the right to cancel the trip or make changes to the trip schedule or route without advising  the Client, due to such the changes the cost of the tour may increase and the Client must compensate for the difference. Also, RIDE UA is not responsible for any inconvenience caused by unforeseen circumstances

Customer requirements

  • Minimum age: 21 years
  • A driver’s license valid in Ukraine that corresponds to the vehicle the Client is or will be driving
  • Staying on the territory of Ukraine of the Client and the vehicle controlled by the Client, in accordance with the Laws of Ukraine.
  • Lack of contraindications (medical condition, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol) for operating vehicles.
  • Driving experience of at least 2 years.


1.  Medical and accident insurance is not included in the tour price. We recommend purchasing it yourself, we can provide credible partners upon request..

2.  You must have Third party liability insurance for motorcycles (if client brings their own motorcycle)  according to Ukrainian laws (Green card policy).

General rules

1.  When traveling on a motorcycle, customers should use protective equipment: a helmet, protection of the elbows, shoulders, back, knees, gloves and boots.

2.  RIDE UA is not responsible for the technical condition of its customers’ motorcycles, but will make every effort to eliminate malfunctions. If the elimination of malfunctions required the consumption of material resources, then the Client is liable  to compensate for such expenses.

3.  During tours, Clients are required to comply with the Traffic Rules safety precautions when driving a vehicle, instructions from guides and  obey the laws of Ukraine. Failure to comply with such rules or the implementation of actions that may affect the safety of other members of the group, the Client may be expelled from the group without compensation for the cost of services.

4.  During trips, the group will  cross different climatic zones, therefore, participants must have the appropriate weather equipment, including equipment that protects the motorcycle driver from rain or other precipitation.

5.  RIDE UA is not responsible for the activities of other organizations or people who collaborate with RIDE UA on travel arrangements (hotels, guides, restaurants, etc.).

6.  Each participant is personally responsible for their own safety, life and health, for actions that may harm third parties, as well as for violation of applicable laws of Ukraine.

7.  The liability of RIDE UA to the Client is limited to the double cost of the purchased services.

8.  Photos and videos captured by RIDE UA during the tour are the property of RIDE UA and may be used for advertising and marketing purposes.

Cancellation policy

1.  In case of cancellation of services by RIDE UA, the company undertakes to reimburse the Client the funds paid  in full.

2.  In case of cancellation of the service by the Client, RIDE UA has the right to retain the penalty in the following amount:

  • More than 60 days before the start of the service – value of the advance payment
  • 59-30 days before the start of the service – 50% of the cost of the service
  • less than 30 days before the start of the service – 100% of the cost of services

3.  If the Client is unable to continue to use the service, then RIDE UA is not obligated to compensate the Client for the cost of premature completion of the services, regardless of the reason for the occurrence of such circumstances.



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