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Ukraine is an amazing country with a complicated history, multifaceted culture, amazing nature and awesome cuisine. By the way, the largest country in Europe. Ukrainian cuisine is one of the richest and diverse  cuisines in the world, pulling from Slavic, Nordic, Uzbec, etc food pallets to create something fulfilling and delicious.

We are motorcycle enthusiasts who want to show you the best Ukraine has to offer. Come and experience it with us! For your convenience and comfort, our tours can be started in major European cities.

Ukraine strives to be a respected and valued country in Europe. Our security standards are high, the street police are correct and the proverbial hospitality in our country is legendary. Every day of our trips gives us unforgettable impressions and emotions that we let pass in the evening with delicious dishes in cozy get-together.

Your safety and comfort is our highest priority. You can rely on our team and not worry about anything. In our programs, we plan a schedule so that no one gets overworked. We pay as much attention to comfortable rest as daily routes.

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